Elevate Your Fitness with Kinesiology-Backed Personal Training

Experience personalized workouts and fitness programs designed through the lens of kinesiology, focusing on biomechanics, and physiology for targeted results

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Personal Training 1-on-1

Virtual Personal Training

Group Cardio Classes


Science-Based Fitness, and Injury-Preventive Workouts.

Led by Rob Appleton, an expert in kinesiology, our personal training offers a personalized approach to biomechanics, advanced techniques for injury prevention, and fitness programs based on tailored physiology.

Kinesiology based personal training
Rob Appelton Personal Trainer

Rob Appleton – Personal Trainer

Hi, I’m Rob Appleton, a Kinesiologist and the force behind Apex Body Solutions. With 15 years in fitness, my mission is to guide you through tailored programs, combining motivation and tracking tools. Whether you prefer one-on-one training or thrive in my clinics, reach out to discover the right fit for you.


Unlock Your Potential: From Private Sessions to Virtual Training


Private and Semi-Private 1-on-1 Training

Experience transformational workouts tailored just for you. Benefit from kinesiology-backed approaches for safer, more effective fitness.


Virtual Personal Training

Embrace the flexibility of top-notch personal training, right from the comfort of your home. Achieve your fitness goals virtually.


Group Cardio Classes For Specific Sports

Excel in your chosen sport with our specialized cardio classes. Our scientifically-designed workouts will elevate your performance.


Cardiovascular Fitness Program

Boost your heart health and stamina with our comprehensive cardiovascular program. Empower your life through science-backed fitness strategies.

Get started with a customized personal training program for you today.


Maximize Your Potential Through Expert-Led Personal Training


10+ Years in Business

Rob Appleton and Apex Body Solutions have helped many people in Edmonton meet or exceed their fitness goals.


60+ Satisfied Clients

With a proven track record, ApexFit has successfully satisfied more than 60 clients with its exceptional personal training programs.


Kinesiologist-Led Expertise

Benefit from our unique approach as all programs are led by a certified kinesiologist, ensuring you get the safest, most effective, and scientifically-backed training available.


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Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Unlock your fitness potential with Personal Training at Apex Body Solutions! Benefit from our unique kinesiology-backed approach for safer, more effective workouts. We offer tailored programs that cater to your individual needs. Why settle for less when you can have the best?

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